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number 3. PUT THE SUPERMONKEY The Supermonkey enjoys very powerful updates in Bloons Adventure

number 3. PUT THE SUPERMONKEY The Supermonkey enjoys very powerful updates in Bloons Adventure

Energy TD becoming Heroic Aura which makes all updates of characters in variety inexpensive.

The Supermonkey must certanly be placed in the center of wherever you’re gonna place the rest of the characters, this will make certain they see every one of the great things about Heroic Aura.

Placing the Supermonkey during the centremost area will help make sure that could snipe bloons from any position, particularly if you have the Disarming Charisma upgrade.


Place the Flame Princess as close into beginning as you are able to making use of aim of keeping her in selection of Princess Bubblegum, Jake and/or Marceline.

The fire Princess should be the very first fictional character to touch bloons/attack bloons, especially if you have the idea canon rod complete on the. Because the fire Princess have Flamebits and majority of the lady upgrades give attention to including array and scratches, there is no reason to be concerned about setting her early inside “kill-box.”

In reality, placing the Flame Princess earlier in the day in the map will help your increase down on problems making use of Flame Princess

as bloons to their long ago around may mix past the fire Princess for the second energy. Though bloons can double-cross the fire Princess, then you won’t need this should you decide cope adequate damage.

For folks battling BAD takedown or bloons leaking outside of the map, i recommend using Marceline as the woman is better to make use of and will chase bloons and MOABs.

I highly relate Marceline and Jake since they can both getting equally as powerful based upon just what ornaments and weaponry you put on them.

It’s usually a good concept for one or more figure that buffs others, especially if you has some figures being preferable over others in line with the trinkets and improvements you have got for them.

Placing a promoting fictional character very early will help warranty the assistance fictional character encloses all partners within its variety, making sure that you buff as numerous figures that you can. If you don’t have sufficient problems at this stage, proceed to the next phase and return.


I love Commander Cassie. She’s exceptionally strong in accordance with a Jetpack you can make use of the woman on any chart, deciding to make the map significantly simpler.

Commander Cassie gets the many map protection in game along with her skill M.A.F. along with C4 Charlie by their area, she will be able to update this lady Bloontonium Tips to come to be a Mounted Mauler which offers extra damage against all MOABs.

C4 Charlie offers remarkable harm together with her MOAB Mauler and when this woman is levelled up she will be able to need an active capabilities MOAB Assassin which offers enormous damage to MOABs.

If you do not have a Jetpack, i might switch Commander Cassie out for Marceline and C4 Charlie out for maximum.


Now from inside the chart you need to have the majority of your angles secure, you should still be smart about where you put characters like the Ice King, Sai, Sam, or maximum.

I will suggest making the focus the MOABs and BADs given that level modifiers aren’t terrifying adequate to help you need to worry about anything else.

If you have a levelled up Max with close trinkets i will suggest combining him with Sam and Sai.

Regrettably, the Ice King doesn’t manage a great deal of problems along with his slowly is needless, especially if you bring a trinket to decrease bloons and MOABs on another figure.

The only time I take the Ice King is if he is a much higher level, which he currently is for me at the time of writing this.


Should you follow the guide above you need to be in a position to finish connection and Tower on any game trouble.

Should anyone ever imagine you’re probably get rid of the round make use of the spell measurement Disruptor which will wreck all of the bloons throughout the field and give you straight back your health.

Aspect Disruptor is very ideal for advancement contents and just expenses 1000 coins to use.

Thus I’m fascinated, exactly how tough do you get the Bridge and Tower? Which do you get inside map? Inform me into the comments here!

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